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  • Wave riding - competitions take places on beaches with big waves and wind speed above 10 m/sec. The participants perform many tricks and jumps. The most well-known competitions take place in Hawaii.
  • Freestyle - in freestyle competitions the participants have to perform tricks with various difficulties for a definite time.These competitions are hold when the wind speed is above 8 m/sec in gulfs with no large waves and often in lakes. Of the most famous places for these competitions are Garda See between Austria and Italy and Chimsee in Germany.
  • Speed race - the competitors overcome a distance, in which is measured their top speed. These competitions are hold in conditions of absolutely calm waters and as strong as possible wind. The actual world record is 48.70 knots, set up by the Britisher Finian Mainard.
  • Slalom - a competition, on which the participants overcome a definite distance for a measured time. Series of competitors start together on the principle of direct elimination.
  • Surf cross - this is a modern time discipline. The participants have to ovecome a distince for a measured time, performing a series of compulsory elements fith high difficulty (jumps and tricks).On this competition series of competitors start together on the principle of direct elimination.
May 2024
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