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What we offer?

  • Kayaking Tours
    Kayaking Tours along the amazingly beautiful Veleka River. The river flows into the Strandja National Park. Ðœany rare species can be seen there, rare turtles and fish, fascinating birds and exceptional plants.

    Enjoy the exploration spirit and the lovely scenery in the Strandja National Park!
  • Yachting
    - Open sea adventures
    • - Amazing sunsets
    • - Lonely bays and beaches
  • Horse Riding
    Stranja, cape Maslen
    Cape Maslen is part of the Strandja National Park and one of the most beautiful places at the seaside. It also includes the Ropotamo Natural Preserve – one of 5 preserves in Strandja. This unique place is a home for many rare animal and plant species. Feel the mysterious Strandja and its wild, untouched nature! Enjoy the unbelievable sea sites from cape Maslen!
    • - The ancient Thracian village Beglik Tash
    • - Seaside tour to cape Maslen
    • - One hour walk along the beach
  • And many, many other activities!!!

What is included in the price?

  • - Transport
  • - Guides
  • - Taxes for all the sites in the trips
  • - Picnics*
*when it is included in the programs


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