Ski&Snowboard School OXO is founded in 2004. We are based and work in Bansko, Pirin Mountain which is the best and the most modern winter resort in Bulgaria. The school’s main idea is to attract more and more people to these wonderful sports, to show them the pleasure, amazing views and to bring them feel the crystal clear mountain air. We teach our clients the right techniques, to have respect for the mountain. We give them a new feeling, thrills, expectations, pleasure and a way of life.

Ski&Snowboard School OXO is a licensed member of the “Bulgarian Ski School”/BSS/. We offer a high level of instruction and training. Our instructors are all experts and have graduated the National Sports Academy / NSA /. All of them are qualified members of the “BSS”. “BSS” is also a member of the International Ski Instructors Association / ISIA / and INTERSKI.

July 2022
Зари Филева : "Преди една година нямаше да повярвам, ако някой ми беше казал, че ще карам сърф!"