• Trekking
    • OXO Team organizes various routes in the amazingly beautiful Bulgarian mountains Pirin and Rila.

      Rila is the highest mountain on the Balkans with Mussala peak / 2925 m /. It is situated in the southwest part of Bulgaria. Further in the south is Pirin mountain – Bulgaria’s second highest mountain – Vihren peak / 2914 m /. Both mountains have many beautiful peaks, lakes, wonderful valleys and various flora and fauna. Visit the Bulgarian mountains! Let us show you Bulgaria’s beauties!
  • Mountain Biking
    • OXO Team organizes various mountain biking trips in Bulgaria’s most beautiful mountains: Rila, Pirin, Vitosha, Plana, Stara Planina (“Old Mountain”). The routes vary in difficulty, length and intensity.
June 2024
Зари Филева : "Преди една година нямаше да повярвам, ако някой ми беше казал, че ще карам сърф!"